Dr Stephen Coleman


Hand specialist in Brisbane, Qld. 

Specializing in surgery and medicolegal assessments of the hand, wrist, and elbow.

Provider no.: 035064F

Steve Coleman photo

Dr Coleman is in a position to provide independent and unbiased medicolegal reports, assessments and specialist opinions on all aspects of hand and upper limb conditions. Dr Coleman has ensured he is independent in provision of such reports for defendants, plaintiffs, third parties or insurers as well as medical negligence claims. Reports can be provided on hand and wrist conditions such as finger fractures, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and all nerve compression conditions, wrist and hand ligament or instability injuries, tennis elbow, elbow fractures and impairments of shoulder conditions.


Office Appointments

Dr Coleman is no longer accepting new appointments. For any questions regarding current or previous cases or reports, please email [email protected].

Contact Information

Postal Address:

PO Box 5568
Manly, QLD 4179